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There are many different types of yellow xanax bars available by prescription. These are classified according to their strength and dosage. This is a potent medication that is prescribed in different doses to treat various mental health disorders. A Xanax bar is a die set that is used to make perfectly shaped bars.


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Bar refers to long and thin shape of a pill. This is a specific form of the medication that contains a 2-mg dose. Therefore, the thin, long bar-shaped tablet contains a relatively high dose against normal pill. In fact, it is the highest dosage form available other than a 3-mg extended-release tablet. The bar is scored into four smaller sections. This allows users to break the tablet and ingest a smaller fraction of the dose at any given time, as prescribed by your physician. Call us or text us for special discount +1 858-461-7138.

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A Xanax bar contains two to four times the dose of medicine typically required to treat anxiety. Bars allow users to save money as they are way cheaper than normal pills with a precise dose. Genuine bars have a characteristic scored appearance. Users who wish to take a smaller dose can break the bar into smaller portions thus making this medicine affordable. Individuals who want to take a 2-mg dose can consume the entire bar. Xonax bar is a powerful drug with a number of short-term and long-lasting health effects. It is available in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This is because each manufacturer wishes to make their pills unique by giving them a distinguished shape and color.