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Stilnox 10mg

Stilnox is a medically approved treatment of insomnia. It acts rapidly and therefore should be taken right before going to bed. It should be taken in a single dose. As with all hypnotics, long-term use of zolpidem is not recommended and a course of treatment should not exceed four weeks or as advised by physician. Call us or text us for special discount +1 858-461-7138.


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In certain cases extension beyond the maximal treatment period may deem necessary; if so, this should be practiced without revaluation of the patient's medical history. The recommended daily dose for adults is 10 mg unless suggested otherwise by doctor. The lowest effective daily dose of stilnox should be used and must not exceed 10 mg in any case whatsoever.

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In cases of drug overdose involving stilnox alone or with other CNS-depressant agents, including alcohol severe medical conditions such as impairment of consciousness up to coma have been reported. Ideally dosage for most patients should begin at 5 mg in a single dose, with particular caution being exercised in patients with chronic medical history. In adults under 65 years, dosage may be increased to 10 mg, but by exercising constraint and caution.